Should I quit my job and focus on my business?

This is a big question going through my mind right now. I am an IT Manager and have worked for the same company for 9 years. We just got a new CEO and I’m just not sure I want to go through with all the changes. I used to work about 60 hours a week and quit doing that a few years ago and only put in my 40 unless an emergency comes up.

I normally have an employee that does HelpDesk for me and I didn’t fill the position immediately so I could replace some outdated equipment. Now the new CEO is asking for me to hold off on hiring and I’m being asked to attend more meetings. This is pushing into my family time.

I have a computer consulting business but this only provides about $40k in income each year, which would make it hard to have money to save for retirement. However, I can focus my time on growing this business.

Please take the poll, I will review the results and make my decision next week.

Should I quit my job?

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